Perfect Sofa: How to choose the right sofa


Here are 6 ways to judge strength, durability and comfort to select a perfect sofa

Perfect Sofa: If you are planning to buy a new sofa, it is advisable to invest in a good quality piece that can last for years. Although most custom-designed sofas from reputable brands or stores appear to be sturdy and heavy, actual quality can only be judged after knowing the different materials used to make them. Here is a simple checklist that can help you assess sofa quality before purchasing it.

Check for comfort to choose the perfect sofa

During the selection process, sit in the corners and in the middle of the sofa to ensure that the sofa size, depth and back are comfortable. If you plan to use the sofa as a couch, lie down on the sofa to check its length and comfort. All the edges of a perfect sofa should be soft to the touch and the piece should not sway. Perfect white sofa img source: decoist

Quality of frame

The quality of the wooden frame used to construct the sofa determines the strength and durability of the piece. A high-quality sofa frame made from oven-dried hardwoods such as teak, oak, cheesecake, walnut, and maple. Sofas are generally made of plywood or softwood. Tip: Perfect sofas are that where the legs are part of the wooden frame, as it strengthens the sofa. Do not buy a sofa with metal legs, as they are prone to scratches and can damage the floor.

Spring type for an ideal sofa

The sofa bulge depends on the type of springs used to manufacture it. The high-quality sofa comes with hand-tied eight-way springs that make the seats comfortable and durable so that they do not fold. Also, check for springs when sitting on the sofa.

Inside materials of an ideal sofa

High-quality sofas use high-Resilience (HR) polyurethane foam wrapped with synthetic fibres or natural feathers to provide a soft and graceful feel. Also, check the arms and sides of the sofa and make sure they are well cushioned so you don't feel the wood frame.


Do some research on the quality of the fabric or leather upholstery used in the sofa upholstery. It is highly recommended to choose UV-resistant upholstery that does not fade due to continuous sun exposure. Fabrics like cotton and linen that contain a large number of yarns are preferred because they are breathable and comfortable, but have a limited life and can wear away after a few years. You can also use stain-resistant synthetic fabrics like polyester that are durable and easy to maintain. Choose a real leather sofa and avoid the upholstery of artificial leather, although it is more cost-effective. Keep in mind that faux leather can feel sticky in summer, wear and peel off over a period of time.

Warranty period

The manufacturer must provide a good warranty period to repair or replace the sofa if there is any defect in the wooden frame, workmanship, or any defect in the material. The warranty period generally ranges from 12 to 36 months (or more) depending on the type of sofa and its cost. Also Read: Best Indian Home Decor & Furniture brands