Nippon Paint launches colour forecast system to predict colour trends


February 13, 2024: Paint manufacturing company Nippon Paint India (Decorative) has launched its Colour Vision Book for 2024-2025 at Outdoor Connections, Bangalore. According to an official release, Colour Vision was developed by colour expert Dr. Kaustav Sengupta from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and Colour Consultant for Nippon Paint India. 

The second edition of the Colour Vision forecasts colour palettes for the youth and divisions (regional zones) for the first time, celebrating the plurality of the nation through colours. In a ‘colourful’ yet culturally diversified country like India, colour has always been a crucial element in its emotional, social and cultural existence, the release said. 

The Nippon Paint Colour Vision’s foresight system is structured based on the copyrighted method of Dr. Kaustav Sengupta. The method involves a unique ‘Colour Foresight Cube’ (Dr. Kaustav Sengupta, 2018) that maps colour signifiers through signals and drivers to indicate the ‘shift’ and understand the pattern of plausible colour directions based on emotional, bio-behavioural, cultural and social metatags. In this method, each meta tag (social or bio-behavioural) is associated with a colour and updated into the cube. The cube, using its technology, creates patterns across the 3 segments – north, south and youth. These patterns are then deciphered and collated as colours representing the current overall mindset of the people across these segments.

According to Nippon Paint India, through research, 12 key archetypes emerged, some prominent archetypes that can be seen are:

  • Heal: Reflecting the need for comfort with shades such as Sunken Forest, Cloud Grass, Diver’s Paradise and Circus Top
  • Bloomers: A desire to express through creativity with shades such as Leap of Faith, Shocking Yellow, Be My Valentine and Knockout Red
  • Hive: The need to cohabitate and bond with shades such as Orange Soda, Electricity, Young Violet and Caribbean Coast
  • Soulcore: An inquiry into oneself with shades such as Marry Go Round, Sea of Coral, Patchwark and Darkest Hour

The process of forecasting for Colour Vision took more than 16 months and involved around 30,000 meta-tags. The colour cues were processed through multiple focus groups of influencers, colour catalysts, domain experts, colour practitioners, etc.  Over 55 catalysts were involved from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc. during various levels of research progress. 

Dr. Kaustav Sengupta, NIFT said, “Unveiling the second edition of Nippon Paint Colour Vision, spotlighting India’s inaugural zonal and youth colour forecast, we are extremely happy in the diverse palette that showcases the rich tapestry of our nation. I thank the Nippon Paint team for their continued partnership and hope architects and designers who possess a visionary compass to sculpt and journey through the vibrant landscapes of colour benefit within their projects and research efforts.”

Mahesh Anand, President, Nippon Paint India (Decorative) said, “India, a unique harmony of diversity and tradition, finds its colours woven intricately across its expansive canvas. Nippon Paint India Colour Vision leads the way in understanding the varied resonance of hues amidst different regions and generations. We are delighted to introduce to enthusiasts – the first zonal and youth colour forecast. We are proud to unveil 12 unique archetypes, finely crafted to reflect the exuberance of the North, the depth of the South, and the ever-evolving expressions of our vibrant youth.” 

According to Nippon Paint India, though this forecast is primarily developed for home colours (interior and exterior home walls, home furnishings, home décor, home accessories, tableware, lighting, etc.), they can very well be used for other product segments such as personal goods, digital and electronics, FMCG, Automobile, etc. as these colour archetypes can create an impact across various domains. The brand also launched a Colour Vision website for customers to look out for and download their e-book. 

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