Mukesh Ambani House (Mumbai)


Towering over southern Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani's home on Altamount Road is a 40-story building that reflects the industrial family's legacy of wealth and triumph in the corporate world. Named after the legendary island of Antilia in the Atlantic Ocean, this towering miracle was designed by Chicago-based Perkins & Will in association with Leighton Holdings, a famous Australian construction firm. Today, the Mukesh Ambani Palace is the second most expensive home in the world, after Buckingham Palace. Here are some facts about this talk a lot about the house.

A billion-dollar house

Located in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world, Mukesh Ambani's 400,000-square-foot home has an estimated value of $ 2 billion. mukesh ambani house

A sample of tensile strength

Designed by an award-winning architectural firm and executed by a famous construction group, this large arched building can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8 on the Richter scale. The Mukesh Ambani Palace has 27 habitable floors, equivalent to 40 stories due to its very high ceilings, and has more than 600 employees who maintain it. mukesh ambani house

Luxurious facilities

The Mukesh  Ambani Palace consists of resources and facilities that go beyond the realms of reality. The building is not only equipped with a private cinema room for 50 people, but it also consists of a whole hall, helipad, huge temple, and ice cream parlor. mukesh ambani house

Hi-tech interiors

Although it has a lot of air conditioning from the bottom up, the Mukesh Ambani house has another unimaginable advantage. The palace snow room, which shoots artificial snowflakes from the roof, gives the family a relaxing respite from the heat and humidity of the city. Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan’s House (Mannat)