Largest Warehouse of Mahindra Logistics in Tamil Nadu


The company said Tuesday that Mahindra Logistics Limited, a provider of supply chain management services, has built "built to fit" storage capacity in the neighboring Kanchipuram area. The 3,50,000 sq ft storage capacity will enable Mahindra Logistics Limited to provide "flexible and scalable" integrated distribution solutions.

Mahindra Logistics

"We are pleased to introduce this dedicated facility, which is the largest in Tamil Nadu. This space will serve two of our major clients in the e-commerce and automotive engineering industries," Mahindra Logistics Ltd. MD, Rampraveen Swaminathan said in a statement. The company. The facility located in the Kanchipuram area focuses on integrated solutions for an e-commerce operator and a German supplier of automotive components. “We are providing new solutions to our customers such as returns processing, emerging sorting centers, and integrated distribution services ... We are confident that our expertise will add much-needed supply chain solutions to our customers,” Swaminathan said.

Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Logistics Limited is the newly created mobility services segment of the Mahindra diversified group costing the US $ 20.7 billion. Mahindra Logistics serves more than 400 companies across various industries, including automotive, engineering, FMCG, and e-commerce. Also Read: Various Real Estate offers to be evaluated