India Largest Finance Company Aadhar to be Acquired by Blackstone

India Largest Finance Company Aadhar to be Acquired by Blackstone

You might have heard the news that the private equity funds which were managed by Blackstone have now come into an agreement with the Aadhar Housing Finance Limited to hold the entire stake which was under the shareholder till now. The deal was signed with a transaction of INR 8,000 million which is the first transaction for the deal. It is considered to only help in making the business more popular. Now Blackstone owns about 97.7 percent of stake which is about Rs 2,200 crore in Aadhar.

Do you know that Aadhar is the largest Independent affordable finance house company in India? According to the official information it has over 316 branches which are spread in 19 states. The AUM of the Aadhar is around INR 100 billion which consist of secured lending of the average loan under INR 1 million.

What does the Director of Aadhar say about the deal?

The Head of India Private Equity and Senior Managing Director, Mr. Amit Dixit said that “Adhar has the strongest origination capability with around 316 branches in 19 states which will only grow over time. The primary capital investment of INR 8,000 million will help in increasing the net worth of the company and make it double from before. The Debt to Equity Ratio will also be cut in half.” He said that he wishes for the lenders in the company to welcome this partnership with open arms and this deal will bring more profits to the business.

The Indian government has started a new scheme in which they aim to provide a home for everyone. Aadhar has been working in this regard for years and providing affordable housing for everyone. With the help of a strong team and better management, the future of the company is in the right hands. He said that the only focus of the company is to aim for the #1 position in this sector.

The managing director and CEO of Aadhar, Mr. Deo Shankar Tripathi said “The entire management is excited to do partnership with Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager with AUM of USD 472 billion. The new Blackstone ownership and the capital investment will be taken in a positive way by all the stakeholders in the company. This investment will only help in increasing the profit in the business for future deals. It shows the hard work of the company and how it manages to provide so much profit.” He also said that “We look forward to taking the company further on its vision and growth plans.

When is the actual date of the transaction?

The deal has been finalized and many other legal terms are being checked by both the companies. The transaction is not done yet as it will be done later this year after going over certain terms and conditions. So you need to wait for some time as it will be done later this year in which the investor in the company can rejoice about.

Important details about Aadhar

Aadhar (Aadhar Housing Finance Limited) is one of the largest companies for housing finance in India. The people who want to get house finance can take the help of such a company. The company specially focus on the low-income segment which helps everyone to afford a home. Its main focus is to provide the millions of people the capital to get a house of their own. There has been quite a long history of Aadhar company as it was started under the name Vysya Housing Finance Limited in the year 1990. Now, it is a company which has over 316 branches in India spread in about 19 states. More than 90% of people who have low incomes in India can take the help of this company. With the help of credit solution, everyone can afford a house.

Information about Blackstone company

As you already know some details about one of the world's leading investment firms, Blackstone. The main focus of the company has always been to increase the profit for their customers and business partners to reach their goals. With the help of professional staff to complete certain tasks and suitable investments, the team believes itself to achieve success. There are various types of investment business like private equity, public equity, real estate, non-investment grade credit, secondary funds, and many other funds. With over USD 472 Billion in assets management, the company deals with various business simultaneously. Blackstone has been active in Indian from 2006 and over USD 9.8 billion investment in private equity and real estate.