Kangana Ranaut's Home in Mumbai: a bold statement from the Queen


Kangana Ranaut, a young woman from Himachal who fought her way to stardom, has left indelible marks on the Hindi film industry. Having made her film debut in 2006, the talented actress enjoys a blazing job. It includes films such as Fashion (2008), Queen (2014), and Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019) that have gained international fame. Kangana Ranaut, known for taking a stance on social issues and living sustainably, has decorated 5 rooms on Pali Hill to look like a little paradise. Designed by leading interior designers like Richa Bahl and Shabnam Gupta, Ranaut Residence exudes a calming Zen vibe. Here is a quick glimpse at the bold living quarters of the queen:  kangana ranaut house

The Glamorous Mumbai Neighborhood

The Pali Hill neighborhood is known for having many famous celebrities’ homes. It is considered one of the best areas of the city. Ranaut Residence is located in a multi-story building in the area. The building has an earthy, palace-like exterior decorated with beautiful flowers. The spacious 5BHK comes with an additional 565 square feet of parking space.

The Interiors Give off a lived-in vibe

kangana ranaut house interior As for the interiors of the house, Kangana decided to stay true to her roots. Being a girl from Manali, she has instilled the Himachali heritage in her Mumbai residence. As the actress herself described, her residence exudes an atmosphere that she lived in the 1920s. Stitched lines, natural fabrics, and matte gray walls adorn the living space. The walls bear witness to a simple and orderly lifestyle that the actor preferred to oppressive luxury. In particular, Ranaut's thought process behind designing her home stems from her awareness of her environmental sustainability. She wants to live a green and plastic-free lifestyle. This idea is reflected in the attractive decorations of her home. Ranaut bought this property a few years ago and completely remodeled it to make it feel like a home that she could return to at the end of a long day.

A colorful ode to the glory of women

Ranaut's luxurious home is a mix of bold and vibrant colors like her vivid personality. Whether it's the bright blue front door or the home's colorful decor and furnishings, the home has a bohemian feel to it. The entire area is filled with beautiful portraits of empowered women like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Frida Kahlo. It is a perfect combination of antique and modern decorating styles. The balcony and patio of the apartment offer an excellent view. The floors are mostly monochromatic to balance the splash of colors in the rest of the decor. The aura of the house speaks to the actor's Himachali heritage with the help of each element of the decor. Therefore, the beautiful residence at Kangana Ranaut is as big a fashion statement as its owner. Combination of unique artistic decorative elements, the accommodation is attractive and comfortable. It is a testament to all that Ranaut has accomplished in the industry thanks to his hard work and abundant talent. Also, Read - Karan johar’s Mumbai house lavish and yet simple