Inside the Yash Rocky House - Location, Price, Photos and More


Enthusiasts of Kannada film star Yash are filled with anticipation as he marks his 38th birthday on January 8, 2024. The actor resides in Bangalore City with his wife Radhika Pandit and their two children, Yathrav and Arya, in a duplex.

Yash is the stage name of Naveen Kumar Gowda. Yash has starred in many hits like ‘Jambada Hudugi’. But his most well-known work is in KGF. The success of KGF seems to be paying off and is helping the actor buy his dream home. The actor was last seem in ‘KGF 2’. Yash will be next seen in a movie by Geetu Mohandas. Titled Toxic, Kareena Kapoor will be seen opposite him and the movie is scheduled for a April 2025 release. 

Yash home address details

Yash's residence is situated in the picturesque city of Bangalore, specifically in the Prestige Golf Apartments. It has been reported that the actor's previous address in Bangalore was in a rented apartment located in Banashankari, South Bangalore. The current home represents a significant upgrade from the rented apartment, made possible by Yash's dedication and consistent efforts in his career since 2007.

Yash house price 

The dreamy house is a duplex in Bangalore, which is no mean feat. An average duplex is generally priced between Rs 1 to Rs 5 crore. The price of the Yash home is around Rs 4 crore. 

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Yash brought and moved into this house with his family in 2019 and is Yash and Radhika’s dream home. They have decorated each room with lots of love and attention.

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Examining online images, it's evident that Yash's residence exudes a modern and inviting ambiance. Alongside contemporary elements, there are also traditional touches infused to maintain a cultural presence in the house. With two children, Arya and Yathrav, the home incorporates kid-friendly features and spaces. The contemporary duplex seamlessly integrates modern and functional amenities within its architecture.

The living room

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The living room is one of the most important rooms of a house. The guests are usually hosted in this room, so we need to create the best impression. The Yash home’s living room takes this into account. The room is decorated in a chic and comfortable way. Warm colours and Indian paintings can be seen as decor.

The grey sofa is featured in most of their Instagram photos, so it is right to say that it is the comfortable seating station of the house. Another oversized white couch is also present in the living room. A sofa like that would be perfect for accommodating several people in the living room. 

Classical and contemporary design features are mixed in the living room. We have spotted a voguish blue chair and wooden drawers in Radhika’s pictures from the home that provide evidence of this.

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The bedroom

For someone as occupied as Yash, having personal space is crucial. This designated area provides busy individuals like him with a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Consequently, it should be adorned to enhance personal comfort and align with individual taste. In Yash's residence, his bedroom showcases a vintage bed frame, a sizable mirror framed in wood, and carefully chosen paintings for decoration.


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The balcony can be the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and look at the beautiful Bangalore skyline. Yash’s house also has a balcony which can be seen in his Instagram selfie with his daughter Arya. The spacious balcony has potted plants which are the most common decor. Their popularity comes from the fact that they add greenery and liveliness to any space.

During the pandemic, the couple lit lamps and diyas on the balcony of the Yash home to show support and solidarity.

A Space for Kids

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Yash is a doting father, and it is reflected in the way he looks after his children. As per a Yash new house photo, his son seemed to be happily playing in a dedicated children’s area. Moreover, his daughter also spends a lot of time in that space. The children’s play area is packed with several toys to keep the kids busy.

The Net Worth of Yash Rocky

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Yash has been working for almost 2 decades now. It is reflected in his net worth which is INR 53 crore. While the main source of his earnings is the movies he acts in, he has also started keeping a share of the profit generated by his movies. Moreover, his yearly income is INR 12 crore. 

Not to mention, Yash is also a known name in the advertisement world. He is the brand ambassador of Beardo, a male grooming brand. Yash has other brands in his kitty as well including Celkon, Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil and A1 Steel and Nestron. 

The Kannada Superstar is also a fan of luxury cars. He owns a Mercedes Benz GLS that costs INR 88 lakhs and a Mercedes GLC 250D Coupe that costs INR 70 lakhs. Moreover, he owns an Audi Q7 worth INR 80 lakhs, a BMW 520D worth INR 70 lakhs, and a Pajero Sports Car worth INR 40 lakhs.

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Other Houses of Yash Rocky

Farmhouse in Hassan: Yash owns a lush green farmhouse in Hassan, a scenic city in Karnataka. Once he has wrapped up his shoots, he visits the farmhouse in order to relax amidst its tranquil environs.

Yash is also planning to undertake underwater restoration in his farmhouse by building crystal-clear lakes to restore groundwater. It’s being said that this restoration activity would also help the farmers of the surrounding areas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Yash's birthday is on January 8.

Ans 2. Yash lives in a duplex apartment in Prestige Golf Apartments.

Ans 3. Yash stays in a duplex house in Bangalore city.

Ans 4. The price of house is around Rs 4 crore.

Ans 5. The net worth of actor Yash is around Rs 53 crore.