Illegal farmhouses in Gurgaon(Aravalli Hills) to be demolished soon

GURGAON: An official said work to demolish illegal farm houses in Gurgaon Area in the Aravalli Hills forest area will begin once a judge is appointed. The operation will take place in January. The Forestry Department asked the district administration to appoint a judge to serve. The National Green Court (NGT) has issued an order to demolish all illegal farm houses in Gurgaon in the woodland area of ​​Aravalli Hill by January 31 of next year. According to the NGT order, the forest department conducted the survey. Nearly 100 farms have been built in the Aravalli Hills, while the cases of 10 farm houses owners in Gurgaon are still pending in court. Farm Houses in Gurgaon To demolish another 90 farms, the Forestry Department requested the district administration to appoint an alternate judge. "It is necessary to appoint an alternate judge. As for forest management, preparation has started at all levels. All farms will be demolished ahead of time," said forestry official Karmafer Malik. The farm houses in Gurgaon were developed and sold by a private construction company prior to 1990 in the Raisina area of ​​Aravalli Hills. Some of the records were from sometime before 1992. Some farms were sold multiple times to different people. The official said that a demolition campaign will take place in January on all illegally built farms (except for those suspended in court). A meeting will be held on the formation of the committee and where to start the demolition campaign. In light of the readiness of the Forestry Department, three farm owners broke their border wall on their own farm houses in Gurgaon in Ghata village. The Forestry Department said that the plantation owners must dismantle them themselves, otherwise they will be charged the full cost of demolition, if the management has to break it. According to a forest administration survey, about 100 farms have been built on forest lands. Ten of these cottage-related cases are pending in a court set to hear on January 9th. "To comply with court orders, the demolition campaign will start in January. If anyone causes any problems during the campaign, action will be taken against them in accordance with the law," said Jay Kumar, a forestry official. Also Read: New Housing Scheme by DDA in 2021 with nearly 1200 flats