How to change your name in an electricity bill?


It's critical to make on-time payments on the electricity board's bills in order to maintain a steady supply of electricity. When you receive your electricity bill at the correct name and address on time, you can pay your bills. Additionally, an electrical bill is a crucial record that serves as verification of residency for official purposes, like opening a bank account, applying for government programs, obtaining a passport or driver's license, etc. A name change or the transfer of property from one person to another are the primary causes of name changes on electricity bills. To modify one's name on an electrical bill, follow the instructions.

Name change in electricity bill: Documents required

  • Customer identification number also known as CA number or customer ID number (This can be obtained from previous electricity bills.)
  • Original latest electricity bill
  • Copy of the latest electricity bill
  • Property tax receipt
  • Copy of sale deed, or rental agreement
  • Previous house owner’s NOC
  • Aadhaar card
  • Attested ID proof
  • Any other document asked by the electricity board officer

Process to change name in the electricity bill

  • To change one’s name on an electricity bill, visit the electricity board under which the property falls.
  • Collect the application form to be filled for name change.
  • Submit the duly filled application form with documents required for name change.
  • The documents submitted with the form will be verified. Once done, pay the fees for the name change.
  • The form will be processed, and a person will be sent for the address verification. The name on the electricity bill will be changed after this.

How to change your name in an electricity bill online?

To modify your name on an online electricity bill, go to the relevant website and choose the name change option. Documentation must be provided to support this. You will receive notification from the department after verification is completed. Keep in mind that each electricity board has a unique online procedure, and it can need for a single in-person visit to the office.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. No, the electricity bill will have the owner’s name.

Ans 2. Visit the official website of TSSPDCL and download the application form for name change. Print the form, fill details, and submit the form at the MeeSeva Kendra along with the required supporting documents.

Ans 3. Changing the name in an electricity bill is important during property sale, transfer of property, etc. It is an important document used as a proof of address.

Ans 4. Payment depends on the electricity board, and you will get a receipt for the payment made towards name change in an electricity bill.

Ans 5. You can change your name in an electricity bill in Maharashtra by log into the Mahadiscom website.

Ans 6. While many electricity boards offer an online process to change the name, many boards still prefer an offline mode for updating. Though the form may be available on the electricity board website, it may require the person to visit the office to submit the form with supporting documents and the fee for name change.