High rises vs standalone buildings: Your Preference should be?


We can categorize the difference as follows:


Home Preference Skyscrapers will provide most of the amenities. From playgrounds to swimming pools and even schools, skyscrapers, and towns give you easy access to these things at affordable prices. In free-standing buildings or single homes, it will be very expensive and sometimes impossible to construct.


Home Preference Yes, you can have a security guard in front of your house and also a security camera. However, in skyscrapers and municipalities, you will have greater peace of mind. There are more security personnel out there and 24 hour CCTV coverage (for the most part).


Home Preference These days, communities tend to hold festivals together. In skyscrapers and towns, there is a feeling of synergy. In free-standing homes, people rarely interact and see each other.


Home Preference As the cost of land increases, self-contained homes are becoming more and more expensive. However, the maintenance bill tends to be higher and constant for municipalities and skyscrapers. In single homes, maintenance costs are decided every month.

Build quality

Home Preference It is an undeniable fact that during construction, most builders compromise on quality to save some money. Single homes have relatively better build quality. Also Read: Properties in Goa (Airbnb)