Greater Noida authority to develop a Connaught Place-like commercial market

Greater Noida: The Greater Noida authority has started preparations for the development of a mall complex on the lines of Connaught Place in Delhi, near the Chi Phi sector. To date, the market complex is expected to be developed on an area of ​​about 4-5 acres and consists of 2-4 floors. Among the many designs invited, final approval was given to a special advisor. While the district has several residential and commercial units in its vicinity, it is also only a kilometer away from the Yamuna Expressway and is expected to gain momentum with the start of operations at Jewar Airport. Officials said it is expected to officially start work next year, after the council elections. Narendra Bhushan, chief executive officer of the authority, told: “There were plans to construct a large shopping mall in Greater Noida as part of their development plan. Below that, we plan to build a circular shopping mall on the lines of Connaught Place in Delhi near the Chi Phi sector, which has wide avenues wide on four sides and open space for a large roundabout.” According to Bhushan, there were several designs that were invited to the mall. But the final approval was given to a special counsel. We conducted a competition between a selection of leading architects and selected one of their designs.” He added, "The plan to build the commercial department resumed with the increased demand in the area after the announcement of Jewar Airport." Officials said the business circle could evolve into quartet groups, in which more than one company would be contracted. The proposed area where the commercial department will be established has wide streets on four sides. So we have to decide whether we have to take it all out at once or do it one by one and develop it into four quadrants. To do this, we can put up four different bids to maximize the desired outcome.” While the authority will work out the cost and details of the bid before the Federation Council elections, officials plan to launch the first bid on April 1, 2022, and "construction work will begin after the election results." Also, Read - GST on Construction -All you need to know