Five Best Affordable Places To Live In India


Are you looking for an affordable place to live in India? Want to resettle for a job change and bring up the family at the same place?

Well, India is a country where you can find places for everyone. On one side when you find Delhi and Mumbai to be burning your pocket on another side, Chennai and Rajasthan are soothing it down. Similar to Chennai and the pink city, there are few more options with tight budget rules. In this article, find details about the places. This would be of great help for anyone who is in emergency need to search for the budget place.

Here are the cities

  1. Hyderabad

If you are looking for tier I city yet affordable, then I would Hyderabad in the first point. It is also an IT hotspot so you can find many migrants to this city. The price of the property starts at RS.1500 per sq ft and may range up to Rs 5000 sq ft. The best place to buy affordable properties is the Miyapur and Chanda Nagar.

The roads of Hyderabad are wide and they have smooth transportation. The PV Narasimha Rao Flyover is the longest one which connects the Hyderabad airport to Mehdipatnam.

Within a few years, you can also be getting the accessibility of metro which is under full swing construction. All these development would be helping the urban life to get forced to the developed area.

Cities like the Hitec city, Gachibowli, Kondapur are some of the well-known places which is marked as the emerging IT center.

  • Pune

This place is known as the smartest city in the country. It is also an emerging place in the real estate industry. Not only this, but it has also been matching steps to grow in the IT sector and the automobile industry too. Another great thing about the place is the suitable and comforting weather condition. One main reason behind this soothing weather is the nearby ocean. Mumbai is the nearby metropolitan city. This place can be accessed within a few hours of drive.

The metro operation will be starting from the year 2021. The new international airport will be coming to operation in the next five years. It will be situated at Purandar Taluka.

As for the real estate industry, residential properties start from Rs. 2500 and maximum are Rs. 20,000 per sq ft.

  • Ahmadabad

A very popular and emerging city in Gujarat considered the largest trading hub. This place can provide you huge options within the city. Real estate ranges from Rs. 2200 to Rs 7000-9000 per sq ft.

For transportation, this city is well connected by the Bus Rapid Transit system. The work of the metro rail would also be coming up within 2020.

Also, the city is working with the first bullet train project of the country in this city. It is expected to be started within 2023.

This place is getting new chances of various Businesses and trading options with the governmental support.

  • Bengaluru

This is another place which is having a huge opening for the IT sector and also an affordable budget. This city is the capital city of Karnataka and hence is considered a premium sector of the state. The property demand has been rising from last few years and has been reported for a rise of 3%.

For low budget property, the price can range from Rs. 2500 -5000 per sq ft. Whereas for the premium buyers they can have the range from Rs.15, 000 –Rs 17,000 per sq ft.

Not only residential, but this place is showing a growing demand over any types of properties. People are setting up their business at this place for high growth chances.

This city has already been ready with the phase I metro. The second phase work is in full swing.

For the road connectivity, it is having more than 3000 km of roads connectivity within the city. All major highways have got connectivity with this city.

Everybody known about its growing IT hub and has already been trading in this city. Many people have migrated to this based who is fully based on the IT industry.

  • Chennai

This is another Tier I city and another smart city of this country. This city is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. The city of Chennai is also a beautiful city which is also a modern lifestyle. This place is also a traditional one where people love to follow different customs.  But being a modern city and hi-tech one, this is an affordable city that finds place for anyone. People living in Chennai are quite friendly, and they are supporting the huge migrants coming to their place.

The real estate property ranges from Rs. 3000-5000 for affordable places. And the premium properties range from Rs. 18,000 to 29,000 per sq ft.

ORR is the largest road connectivity of the city. ORR is nothing but the Outer Ring road which is a six-lane road. The phase I of this road is already in use whereas the phase II of the road has been under construction.

The metro of the city has been operational since time. It covers nearly 48 km all over the city. The state government has already passed the project of another 10 km of metro work in the city.

Vandalur Flyover is a six lane flyover built over the GST road of the city. This flyover plays a very vital role in decongesting the traffic of the city. Also, it would be helping the commuter in the local area to deal with smooth transportation.


So these are the top 5 cities in India. You can choose any of them for your job location or even residential location. Each of these places is also having an affordable daily life. Property buying can be done easily through any ad agency. They can help you get any budget property at the place where you wish to buy.

Hope this article would be quite useful for you. This would be a guide for the people who are new to the country and want to settle down.