Evil eye protection for home: Significance and benefits


Here’s how home owners can use evil eye pendant, bracelet, necklace and other décor items for evil eye protection at home. An evil eye amulet (bead or disc), typically featuring a blue eye surrounded by a dark blue circle. This ocular amulet, often known as a "evil eye" charm, is used to fend against evil eyes. It is a frequently used instrument for evil eye protection, shielding people and their homes from bad karma and disaster. Evil eye

Evil eye: Meaning

An evil eye is a charm that is believed to protect from negative energies and bad luck. Evil eye An evil eye is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye in blue colour, signifying protection. Evil eye An evil eye charm has a bright blue iris, sometimes a black iris, bordered by circles of white and dark blue colours. Buy Now: Turkceramics Ceramic Turkish Glass Evil Eye What does the evil eye symbolise? The phrase "evil eye" alludes to a curse that is thought to bring loss or bad luck to the recipient of the evil glance. However, a lot of individuals think it goes beyond basic superstition. An evil eye charm can help you avoid being the target of someone else's bad intentions. It acts as a barrier against unfavorable ideas and represents luck, safety, and protection.

What is the origin of evil eye?

For centuries, people believed in the power of talismans or amulets to protect them from the unknown. Many civilisations across the world believe that a person can cause harm to others through his thoughts. The evil eye is believed to be a malicious glance that can bring bad luck to anyone receiving it. Evil eye The evil eye symbol or ‘nazar amulet’ is a good luck charm, first documented by the Mesopotamians about 5,000 years ago. Interestingly, the evil eye symbol is also found in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It is also associated with Greek, ancient Egypt and even Turkish civilizations. Both, Feng Shui and Vastu practitioners, suggest using an evil eye amulet as a protective shield against negative energies.

What is the earliest known evidence of the evil eye?

Belief in the evil eye dates back to at least  the 6th century B.C.,when it appeared in various Greek Classical antiquities like drinking vessels. It is referenced by many classical authors like Plato, Hesiod, and Plutarch, all of whom described the function of the evil eye charm as a form of protection.

Why should we believe in evil eye superstition?

several scholars and folklorists have provided scientific justifications for the purpose of evil eye charms, in addition to their enormous relevance and popularity in several cultures around the world. The eyes were the main source of the lethal and malignant rays that emanated from a person with the evil eye's inner depths, according to Plutarch's scientific explanation. It typically has severe effects on those who are not aware.

Different colours of evil eye charms and their meaning

Evil eye An evil eye charm is available in various sizes, made up of ceramic, clay, glass, wood, acrylic, metal, etc. The most popular ones are the Turkish evil eye beads, round and made up of glass with blue and white concentric circles, resembling a wide-open eye. Evil eye Various kinds of evil eye beads in different colors are available, however the most accepted evil eye bead colour is blue. Let us look at the significance behind evil eyes’ colours.
  • The dark blue evil eye signifies good karma, positive energy such as commitment, motivation, and protection against the evil eye.
  • The light blue evil eye is linked to sky, which signifies wide horizons and protection against the evil eye.
  • Yellow or golden evil eyes, resembling the sun, signify energy, strength and protection against diseases.
  • An orange evil eye is associated with happiness, creativity and fulfillment of dreams.
  • A pink evil eye is associated with relaxation and leads to friendships and love.
  • A green evil eye symbolises a balanced life full of enjoyment, new ideas and happiness.
  • A brown evil eye is for protection against natural forces. It comforts you with stability and growth.
  • A purple evil eye is associated with spirituality. It removes obstacles and creates a balance in life.
  • A white evil eye symbolises goodness, wealth, purity, opportunities and new beginnings.
  • A red evil eye provides energy, strength and courage, to face the problems of life.
  • A grey evil eye protects against sadness.
Evil eye
  • A black evil eye is the least popular one; it is associated with power and gives protection against bad luck and adversity.

Evil eye: Benefits as per Vastu and Feng Shui

Evil eye Evil eye Buy Now: Evil Eye Embroidered Cushion Cover/Nazar Pillow The idea behind the evil eye is that successful people tend to draw unfavorable attention from others around them. Vastu Shastra asserts that a home's energy has a significant impact on its residents. Therefore, a home should have a cheerful atmosphere. A home evil eye charm attracts good fortune and shields you from harm, dispelling negative energy and transforming it into a positive force. According to Feng Shui, the Chinese evil eye charm is like the Bagua mirror. It is used to protect against negative energy and prevent any ‘Sha Qi’ (negative energy) that may be present outside the home.

Where to place evil eye in home?

Evil eye An evil eye charm is usually held or mounted in homes as wall-hangings, along with ‘nazar dosh’ beads. Hang it at your entrance to nullify bad energies from entering your house. Evil eye The evil eye can also be placed in a living room. Its direction should be opposite to that of guests. For example, if guests sit in the east, the evil eye should be in the west. You can also hang an evil eye glass on windows. It can also be hung in a bedroom or in children’s bedroom to create a harmonious, pleasant and peaceful ambiance. Evil eye Hanging it on a garden tree would attract all favorable energies. Avoid facing it southwards. You can also keep it at workplace or on the desk to shield yourself from negative energy.

Evil eye home décor trends

Evil eye Not only have jewelry designers been influenced by the antiquated evil eye talisman, but also home designers. To safeguard the home, the evil eye motif can be applied on tableware, lamps, fabrics, frames, etc. Home furnishings and décor can feature a variety of evil eye patterns. Wall hangings with evil eye patterns are available made of glass, silver porcelain, or even macramé. Additionally, evil eye-themed wind chimes and sun catchers can be used to decorate homes. Evil eye Evil eye Evil eye There are lovely coasters, cups, wall clocks, cushions, napkin rings, wall plates carpets, and even candles, torans and wall plates, all designed with evil eye charms. Buy Now: CORALTREE Evil Eye Persian Style Tea Cup with Saucer Evil eye Some of the wall decorations combine evil eyes with other good luck symbols such as elephant statue, peacock, or butterfly. Try and pick one or two pieces but avoid filling your home with too many evil eye-designed accessories.

Signs and symptoms of the evil eye: How to identify its presence?

Many individuals still hold onto the notion that the evil eye exists and has the power to negatively impact their life, despite the fact that it is frequently linked to cultural and superstitious beliefs. You can take the required measures and look for the right treatments by being aware of the symptoms and indicators of the evil eye. Here are some typical warning signs to look out for:
  • Sudden and unexplained misfortune: One of the most common signs of the evil eye is experiencing a sudden string of misfortunes or setbacks in various aspects of life. This can include financial difficulties, health issues, relationship problems or a series of unfortunate events occurring without a clear cause.
  • Unexplained physical or emotional discomfort: Individuals who have been affected by the evil eye may experience unexplained physical or emotional discomfort. This can manifest as persistent headaches, body aches, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, or a general feeling of unease.
  • Unusual changes in behaviour: If you or someone around you suddenly displays uncharacteristic behaviour, such as sudden mood swings, aggression or excessive negativity, it could be an indication of the evil eye’s influence. These changes may occur without any apparent cause or reason.
  • Sudden loss of energy or vitality: The evil eye is often believed to drain a person’s energy or vitality. If you find yourself feeling unusually tired, lethargic or lacking motivation despite adequate rest and a healthy lifestyle, it could be a sign of the evil eye’s impact.
  • Failing business or career setbacks: Another sign of the evil eye’s presence is experiencing persistent difficulties in your professional life. This can include unexpected job loss, frequent setbacks in business ventures, or a decline in productivity and success without any apparent reason.
  • Strained relationships and conflict: The evil eye’s influence can lead to tension and conflict within personal relationships. If you notice a sudden deterioration in your relationships with family, friends, or colleagues, and conflicts arise seemingly out of nowhere, it might be worth considering the presence of the evil eye.
  • Feeling observed or unsettled: Some individuals who are affected by the evil eye report feeling constantly observed or uncomfortable in their surroundings. This sensation of being watched or monitored can contribute to a general sense of unease and paranoia.

Evil eye protection: Simple remedies to protect your home from evil eye

Evil eye Here are a few beliefs that commonly practiced in Indian tradition, to repel negative energies from home:

Hamsa hand for evil eye protection

Evil eye Evil eye An ancient Middle Eastern emblem known as the hamsa is regarded as a protective talisman that bestows luck, good health, and happiness. The most popular depictions are of the Hamsa (Khamsa in Arabic), which is a hand with an eye in the middle of the palm. The hamsa shields its possessor from the evil eye, or 'Ayin Hara'. The Hamsa hand is the finest choice because it is thought to deter negative energy from entering the house and should be placed on the main entrance.

Lemon and chilies

Evil eye Hanging a lemon and seven chilies together at the main house entrance is said to keep negative energy away.

Auspicious symbols like Om and Swastika

Evil eye Auspicious symbols like Swastika, Om, Trishul, a dancing peacock, or cow and calf hung on the two main pillars of a house or at the main door, also protect from evil eye and bring good fortune. Evil eye A rangoli or toran with fresh flowers, is also believed to ward off evil energies and bring good fortune.

Nazar Battu face mask

Evil eye When placed at a home's entryway, the Nazar Battu, a totem or object of spiritual significance, prevents the entry of unfavorable energy. It's common to place a "Mahakal" face mask at the front door to keep any negative energy out.

Incense sticks

Evil eye The aroma of incense sticks removes negative energies, elevates the mood and spreads peace all around.

Burning sage

Sage should be lit, and the smoke should be allowed to pervade the entire house. Smudging, a practice, is thought to purify the area and drive away evil spirits.

Black tourmaline

This protective crystal is thought to absorb negative energies and promote a positive atmosphere. Place black tourmaline crystals in different areas of your home to enhance its protective qualities.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are not only visually appealing but also renowned for their ability to purify the air and neutralize negative ions. Their warm glow creates a calming atmosphere.


To reflect and redirect negative energies away from your living space, strategically hang mirrors. It's said that facing your entrance with a mirror will keep bad energy out of your house.


It is believed that sprinkling salt at corners of a room and carpets removes negative energy from the house. Salt crystals are believed to have an ability to absorb negative energy.

Ringing bells and chanting mantras

Evil eye Ringing bells and chanting mantras like Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Mantra, also aid in cleansing negative energies and provides protection and peace.

Evil eye jewellery

There is a variety of jewellery featuring evil eye charms to protect you from malicious looks and negative energies.

Evil eye pendant

Evil eye

Evil eye bracelet

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