East Delhi residents will now have to pay property tax online


New Delhi: The East Delhi Municipal Corporation decided to go online to collect property taxes. A notice issued by the Civil Authority indicates that only property tax returns will now be accepted through online mode. Manually saving returns has been stopped. The order issued by the Receivers and Collectors Office states that the procedure aims to increase transparency and efficiency. "According to the Ease of Doing Business guidelines, it has been decided to accept property tax returns only in online mode effective April 1, 2021." The three municipal corporations in Delhi are moving their various services, including paying property taxes, to internet mode in phases. South Delhi Municipal Corporation recently uploaded all old tax return records online. A new property tax portal was also developed last year, but taxpayers have faced many loopholes when using it. Meanwhile, companies have managed to increase their collection of property taxes in 2020-2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Northern Company Mayor, Jay Prakash, said that they raised approximately 645 million rupees compared to 548 million rupees in the previous year. The number of shareholders increased by 5,000. A total of 4.23,000 people paid taxes last year. The mayor said about 48,000 taxpayers benefited from our amnesty plan, which was launched in January this year. About 230 million rupees were raised in the scheme, while the taxpayers, who took advantage of its benefits, received an exemption totaling about 500 million rupees. Also Read: What is AP Sand Booking?