Dussehra Decoration 2023 - 10 Dussehra Decoration Ideas For Home & Office

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Dussehra, a festival that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm and fervor. It's no surprise that families and employees invest considerable time in planning Dussehra decorations for their homes and offices each year. As Dussehra 2023 approaches, we've compiled a list of 10 fantastic Dussehra decoration ideas for both your home and workplace.

These ideas will not only make your house stand out in the neighborhood but also keep your family engaged and joyous throughout the festive season. In an office setting, Dussehra decorations can serve as an excellent team-building activity while lending a festive and celebratory atmosphere to the workspace. You have the flexibility to choose from these Dussehra decoration ideas based on your budget, preferred theme, and personal taste, ensuring a grand and memorable celebration in 2023.

Dussehra 2023 Puja Muhurat

In Dussehra 2023, also referred to as Dasara or Vijayadashami, we celebrate the victory of Lord Rama over the Demon Ravana and the triumph of Goddess Durga over the Demon Mahishasura. On the auspicious day of Dussehra, special rituals like Shami Puja, Aparajita Puja, and Seema Avalanghan Puja are observed, often coinciding with the time of 'Ravan Dahan,' the symbolic burning of effigies of Ravana.

Dussehra Puja Muhurat 2023




Vijay Muhurat

02:18 pm to 03:05 pm

00 Hours 46 Minutes

Bengal Vijayadashami

October 24, 2023

Full Day

Aparahna Puja Time

01:32 pm to 03:51 pm

02 Hours 19 Minutes

Dashami Tithi Begins and Ends

October 23, 2023 - October 24, 2023

05:44 pm  - 03:14 pm

Shravana Nakshatra Begins - Shravana Nakshatra Ends

October 22, 2023 - October 23, 2023

06:44 pm  - 05:14 pm

15 Decoration Ideas for Home and Office 2023

This blog will take you through 15 interesting Dussehra decoration ideas for home and office 2023, that you and your family can try out this year.

When it comes to Dussehra decoration & celebration, the best way to decorate your house and office is with some attractive DIY Dussehra decoration ideas. You can create paper chandeliers, wall hangings, and paper lanterns, and you can also hand-paint the kulhads and even create Lord Rama’s statue using kulhads. You can use glazed paper to make attractive buntings and hang these in a cluster or across the room or your cubicle. For office decor, you can just use different coloured papers as a backdrop to your cubicle, too.  


When discussing Dussehra celebrations and home decoration ideas, Dassara dolls take center stage. In Dussehra 2023, let your creativity shine through as you arrange your Dassara dolls in an engaging and captivating manner. If you have an array of colorful dolls, consider creating a stunning backdrop adorned with flowers for your Dussehra decorations and then place your Dassara dolls against this backdrop. This innovative Dussehra decoration concept will not only enhance the aesthetics but also amplify the positivity and splendor of your Dussehra celebrations and decorations.

Dussehra 2023

Dussehra 2023

The first impression of your home, when guests arrive, is often formed at the entrance to the hallway. That's why it's a great place to begin your Dussehra decoration ideas for both your home and office. Flower garlands offer a beautiful and simple way to infuse a festive ambiance. You can easily obtain fresh garlands from local markets and hang them along doorframes. These garlands will immediately add charm to your home and office, generating enthusiasm for the upcoming Dussehra festivities in 2023.

Dussehra 2023

Rangolis have deep-rooted significance in Indian culture, and during Dussehra, it's a common sight to witness homes adorned with intricate rangoli designs. Rangolis have the magical ability to instantly brighten the entrance of a house and bring a smile to the faces of those who step inside. Often, creating rangolis becomes a family affair, providing an excellent opportunity for bonding and shared creativity. You can plan diverse rangoli designs for each day of Dussehra, making the process of Dussehra decorations for both your home and office enjoyable and imaginative during Dussehra 2023.

Dussehra 2023

Here's a fantastic Dussehra decoration concept suitable for both homes and offices. Instead of traditional powder rangolis, consider crafting flower rangolis. These floral designs not only look stunning but also impart a delightful fragrance throughout the space. To keep them fresh for a few days, a light sprinkle of water works wonders. Afterward, you can collect the dried petals and repurpose them as fertilizer. This eco-friendly Dussehra decoration idea aligns beautifully with sustainability and is worth trying during Dussehra 2023.

Dussehra 2023

Diyas have always held a significant role in all of our country's celebrations, and Dussehra is certainly no exception. To enhance your Dussehra decorations with added radiance and sacredness, consider illuminating your home with beautifully lit diyas. The belief that light is a conqueror of darkness and evil is shared by many cultures worldwide, and the lighting of diyas at home embodies this idea. Opt for terracotta diyas, which are both eco-friendly and reusable, aligning perfectly with sustainability.

In contrast, many modern offices have restrictions on lighting diyas due to fire safety concerns. However, you can still embellish your workspace by incorporating colorful diyas into attractive designs or as part of a rangoli, even if they remain unlit, thereby adding a festive touch to your office decor during Dussehra 2023.

Dussehra 2023

String lights are an absolute delight, offering an affordable and cheerful way to illuminate your entire home and infuse it with festivity and joy during Dussehra. When it comes to Dussehra celebrations and decoration ideas for both your home and office in 2023, the possibilities are endless with various types of string lights. These enchanting lights can adorn your balconies, patios, terraces, garden areas, and even the living room, transforming your space into a radiant wonderland. The versatility of string lights allows you to use them repeatedly for all your festivals and special occasions, making them a truly advantageous and cost-effective choice.

Dussehra 2023

Dussehra 2023 is not solely about the brilliance of lights and vibrant colors. You can choose to celebrate this beautiful festival in harmony with nature by setting up an outdoor puja area. Take a look at this serene and spiritually charged puja space, for example, where the deities are harmoniously placed alongside real plants. The inclusion of rangolis and diyas infuses a sense of sacredness into the entire ambiance. If you're seeking understated and nature-centric Dussehra decoration ideas for both your home and office, this serves as a wonderful source of inspiration.

Dussehra 2023

Paper lanterns have become a contemporary trend, celebrated for their vibrancy, ease of use, and striking appearance. Elevate your Dussehra evenings by adorning your garden area or an open balcony with these captivating paper lanterns. They come in a plethora of colors and designs, allowing you to select the ones that resonate with your preferences. Simply add candles or light bulbs, whichever suits your vision, and watch as your space transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle. This is a delightful Dussehra decoration idea that's sure to be a hit with children. Moreover, these lanterns are reusable, making it convenient to pack them away for storage after the festival, ensuring their enduring appeal for future celebrations.

Dussehra 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. You can use flowers in so many ways. Make a flower rangoli and decorate your living room or puja room. You can also use flower garlands for entryways and mandirs. Flower vases can also brighten up the house.

Ans 2. Cleaning the house is a very important part of Dussehra celebrations. For one, a cluttered and messy house won't radiate positivity and will not be the right space to welcome the deity. Secondly, whatever Dussehra decoration ideas you implement, they are going to look much better in a clean house.

Ans 3. You can clean your house and decorate your house with the above-given Dussehra decoration ideas for your home and office.

Ans 4. You can use paper lanterns as Dussehra decoration to decorate your balcony. Try decorating your balcony with different coloured lanterns.

Ans 5. You can decorate your house with diyas, string lights, Dussehra at home, make rangoli or use lanterns. Also, you can prepare some delicacies and watch Dussehra-themed movies.

Ans 6. As a part of Dussehra decoration this year, make your house smell amazing while it also looks beautiful. You can pick up authentic incense sticks that smell great. Aromatic candles are also great ways to make your space smell inviting.

Ans 7. Here are a few things you should avoid while thinking of Dussehra decoration ideas. Going overboard and spending beyond your means for decorations Making the process stressful Picking up decorations that would need deep cleaning afterwards

Ans 8. You can use clay or terracotta diyas of course, as they are traditional and timeless. You can also use brass lamps, paper lanterns and string lights to create an interesting look, especially in common areas or outdoors.