DLF's CEO Rajeev Talwar retires


NEW DELHI: DLF Chairman said on Wednesday that CEO and full-time manager, Rajiv Talwar, has retired from his role. "In addition to our disclosure dated January 29, 2021, please note that Rajiv Talwar has retired since the business hours closed on March 31, 2021," the company said in a regulatory document. The company said in January that Talwar had decided to retire. After joining the company in 2006, he became a full-time director in 2014 and rose to the position of CEO of the company in 2015. The company also informed the stock exchanges that Kashi Nath Memani and Dharam Vir Kapur will retire as independent directors of the company from the end of business hours on March 31, upon completion of their second term. Re-elected as Independent Directors for two consecutive years from April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2021. Also Read: Who are the richest builders in India?