Delhi govt introduces ‘Anywhere Registration’ policy for properties


Revenue Minister Atishi, on December 21, 2023, introduced the 'Anywhere Registration' policy, allowing property registration at any sub-registrar’s office in Delhi. The initiative aims to streamline the registration process, reduce long queues, and enhance transparency to combat corruption, as reported in the media. The policy, approved by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, awaits notification from the Lieutenant Governor. Under this policy, individuals seeking property registration can choose any sub-registrar’s office in Delhi, eliminating the need to visit a specific location. Numerous complaints related to sub-registrar offices have prompted this initiative, as stated in an official statement.

The statement mentioned a common concern related to prolonged queues at numerous sub-registrar's offices. Another frequently reported issue is the widespread corruption in many of these offices.

To address these concerns, all sub-registrars in Delhi will operate as joint sub-registrars, expanding their jurisdiction to encompass the entire city. Residents of Delhi can now schedule online appointments for property registration at any of the 22 sub-registrar offices in the city.


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