Delhi: Allottees of Dwarka MIG flats in a fix


New Delhi: Even as it prepares to launch a new housing scheme, the 348 Middle Income Group (MIG) flats awarded by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in its 2021 project have yet to receive their apartments. The licensors said the DDA asked them to pay the full amount within two months, although work continued to complete the apartments.  The DDA launched a housing plan in January 2021. Of the 1,354 apartments on offer, 348 MIG apartments in Dwarka 16-B turned out to be the most in-demand. However, the DDA was unable to finish the construction on time and the apartments cost between Rs. 1.1 to Rs. Rs 1.2 crore cannot be delivered due to work in progress Arun Aggarwal, one of the grant's recipients, said the DDA had issued demand letters and requested full payment by January 17, 2022, while work on the site was still ongoing. Aggarwal claimed that although DDA officials did not respond to his inquiries, construction would take another six months. "The DDA charged a 10% surcharge on the land premium, the construction cost that includes the network fee and the development fee in the MIG class, which equated it with the same 10% surcharge applied to the MIG class. High Income (HIG) for Jasola too, "Aggarwal said. The DDA is providing affordable housing to the masses. The authority has applied an additional fee to the MIG category, which is affecting the middle class. " “Work on the sewage water treatment plant is still going on and the horticulture has not yet started,” said Ashish Sehgal, another benefactor. Sehgal claimed that the group has yet to obtain a NOC from the Delhi Fire Services. "Without a fire NOC, they cannot turn over the apartments, but we have not received a clear response from the DDA on this matter," he said. The licensees said that if they had to pay the full amount to obtain the apartments, the situation would become difficult. "Even the registration amount is Rs. We have paid the sum of $ 2,000 when applying for the pending scheme since February 2021," Segal said. Also Read - 15 Vastu Tips for Your Business Growth – Aquireacres