Celebrate Delhi’s cultural essence through textiles, wall décor, and more

The Haryana government has updated the Haryana Building Code 2017 to introduce the stilt-plus-four-floors policy, aimed at meeting the state's housing demand. It is crucial for the government to identify and tackle challenges associated with this policy, including the strain on existing resources, through effective strategies and planning.

Embrace Mughal Decor

Jali Elegance: Introduce intricate jali work (perforated screens) into your home through furniture or room dividers. Imagine sunlight streaming through these screens, casting beautiful patterned shadows on your walls, evoking the timeless elegance of Mughal architecture.

Paisley Power: Add a touch of regal charm with ottomans adorned in opulent paisley embroidered fabrics. Use jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby to recreate the grandeur of Mughal courts, bringing a rich and luxurious feel to your space.

Metallic Majesty: Incorporate Mughal-inspired floral motifs into your decor. Opt for ottomans or cushions upholstered in fabrics featuring these designs, enhanced with rich colors and gold thread. This will create a truly royal ambiance, making your home feel like a palace.

Home Decor

Spice up your walls

Capture the vibrant energy of Delhi's bustling bazaars with a hand-painted mural. Imagine vivid depictions of iconic landmarks like the Red Fort or Jama Masjid, bursting with the rich colors of overflowing spice stalls and colorful fabrics. This lively mural will bring the dynamic spirit of Delhi's markets into your home, creating a truly unique and energetic ambiance.

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Add the tribal touch

Warli art, a tribal art form from Maharashtra, uses geometric patterns and earthy tones to add a touch of tradition. Consider using stencils or decals featuring these motifs to subtly nod to Delhi’s diverse heritage, blending cultural richness with your decor.

Interior decor

Metalsmith work

Brass Brilliance: Delhi boasts a rich tradition of metalworking. Incorporate brass samovars (urns) or intricately carved copper vases as stunning centerpieces to add a touch of history to your decor.

Modern Luxe: For a modern twist, consider using nickel or silver elements. Photo frames made of these materials can showcase cherished memories while honoring Delhi’s metalworking heritage, blending contemporary style with traditional elegance.

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Textile tales

Phulkari Flair: Brighten up your space with colorful phulkari dupattas (scarves) as wall hangings. These embroidered textiles, traditionally crafted by women in Punjab, feature vibrant colors and geometric patterns, adding a rich cultural touch.

Mughal Masterpieces: Choose Mughal-era tapestries that depict hunting scenes or nature motifs. These intricately detailed tapestries, often woven with silk threads, serve as stunning conversation starters.

Printed Delights: For a contemporary touch, consider cushion covers in ikkat or bandhani prints. Ikkat features resist-dyed designs, while bandhani is known for its intricate dot work. Both add a pop of color and cultural flair to your space.

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Evoking the fragrant streets of Chandni Chowk, India’s oldest market, can be as simple as incorporating Indian-inspired scents into your decor. Invest in beautiful brass or ceramic holders for agarbatti (incense sticks) or diyas (oil lamps) to diffuse the heady aromas of sandalwood, jasmine, or rose.

The Finishing Touches

Floral Fantasia: Fresh flowers play a vital role in Delhi's culture. Decorate your space with vibrant marigolds or fragrant mogra (jasmine) garlands. Drape them across doorways or place them on your center table to infuse your home with Delhi’s lively essence.

Divine Touches: Enhance your decor with brass bells or small statues of Hindu deities like Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) or Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity). These elements add a touch of spiritual significance and cultural depth to your home.

By incorporating these elements, your home decor can become a celebration of Delhi’s rich cultural heritage, transporting you to the heart of this captivating city every time you step inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. The people of Delhi are known for their traditional art and crafts. The Delhiites are known for their bamboo work and carpet weaving. The people of Delhi are great patrons of Kundan and Meenakari Jewellery and they do intricate and splendid work.

Ans 2. Traditionally speaking, a mixture of ancient Indian and Mughal styled cuisine is now considered as authentic Delhi cuisine. Street foods make a major part of the cuisine of the land. Top street food of Delhi islassi, kebab, cholebhature, jalebis, falooda, samosa, butter chicken, Nihari, kulfi, and others.

Ans 3. Top traditional dance forms to enjoy in Delhi are Kathak, folk dance, Bhangra, and even Bharatanatyam.

Ans 4. Delhi, the capital city of India, has gained immense popularity among tourists and people across the globe. Along with its rich culture and history, the city is well-known for authentic food and fashion. Moreover, it is the political hub of India, which is one of the main reasons behind its global popularity.