Bathroom Tiles Ideas: How to Select the Right Bathroom Tiles

A to Z of bathroom tiles!  Bathrooms are one spot at home where great ideas are born, sometimes. So, don't you think it deserves to look more than just clean? Step away from the same boring all-white bathrooms and step into designer alternatives. While deciding upon which bathroom tile to buy, you must consider a lot of things, and the following points will tell you exactly which ones! Let us look at some bathroom tile buying tips that make for a clean and aesthetically bathroom.

#1: Experimenting with sizes

Bathroom Tile Size Advice - Floors, Showers, and Tubs Picture: The Spruce If you have a large bathroom in your home, you can have large tiles fixed for it. They are easier to clean and fit well in bigger dimensions. You can also try it with dark or pastel colors to offset the general white or off-white tile patterns. In case your bathroom is comparatively smaller, a great way to add space is to have tiles installed diagonally or in the shape of a square. This immediately makes space look larger and is easy on the eyes. Also, if your bathroom has a curved outline, use smaller tiles on it so that it doesn't overpower the decor of the bathroom.

#2: Material Options

7 Waterproof Bathroom Wall Options | Picture: Doityourself The first preferred option for most people is ceramic tiles due to their economic pricing. While the second most preferred choice is mostly porcelain variants which are popular but slightly expensive. However, the new trend is more focused on natural materials like granite, stone, and wood. Having wood in the bathroom may not be a good option, thus ceramic tiles with wooden textures are available readily in the market. Likewise, you can opt for a stone-finish texture as well. Pro tip: If you don't want a large makeover, opt for tile skin which can be stuck on top of the existing tiles and peeled off when required. Each of these materials has easy maintenance whether installation or repair. Choose something that is aesthetically appealing while offering durability as well.

#3: Money Matters

Rebooting the Bathroom - The New York Times Picture: nytimes While ceramic tiles are priced at Rs 40  onwards per sqft. mosaic tiles vary between rs 40-80 per sqft. Granite and marble are the expensive options that range Rs 200-250 per onwards sqft respectively. Tile skin is an easy remedy to revamp the look which cost around rs 168 onwards per sqft. For a look that is in vogue, wood-finish tiles start from rs 200 per sqft.

#4: Do not forget aesthetics

How to get the Minimalist Modern Aesthetic in Your Bathroom ... Picture: simply grove Your bathroom deserves a great design that matches with the rest of your home. If you are someone who loves colors and patterns, then give your bathroom tiles a splash of bright blue. Celtic and Moroccan inspired tiles are also huge this season, and we strongly recommend it for your bathrooms. It is never a good idea to use more than two or three tile designs. The result, otherwise, can be chaotic and clash with the decor. So, the next time you set out to buy tiles for your bathroom, do not forget to keep all these things in mind. Also read: Moroccan tiles for your kitchen