Everything about Ayodhya's Sarayu, House of Abhinandan Lodha project


Many real estate developers in India are placing significant bets on the future potential of Ayodhya, the ancient city in Uttar Pradesh renowned for its profound significance in Hindu culture as the birthplace of Lord Ram. Numerous developers are gearing up to launch new projects in the area, with some having already secured a first-mover advantage, such as the House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABL).

In December 2023, a Mumbai-based developer disclosed its intention to invest Rs 1,200 crore in Ayodhya for the creation of a luxurious 7-star mixed-use enclave. Having acquired a substantial 25-acre land parcel in the city for Rs 300 crore, the company is set to unveil its project on January 22, coinciding with the inauguration of the Ram Mandir.

Lying a 15-minute drive from the sacred Ayodhya Ram Mandir site and a half-hour drive from the Ayodhya Airport, the project named, The Sarayu, has already made waves. In fact, if media reports are to be believed, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has already purchased a plot in the project. The mega star has reportedly paid Rs 14.5 crore to book a 10,000 square foot plot in the upcoming project.  Bachchan, who is from Prayagraj (erstwhile Allahabad) in Uttar Pradesh, already owns several properties in state capital Lucknow and the adjoining Barabanki district.

The Sarayu: Project details

The Sarayu

The name

Named after the Sarayu River in the city, the project “symbolises the essence of air and vitality in Ayodhya”, says the company. The name Sarayu is derived from the Sanskrit word for air.

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Situated along the Lucknow-Gorakhpur Highway, The Sarayu is just a 15-minute drive from the Ram Temple and a half-hour drive from the Ayodhya Airport. Positioned 130 km away from Lucknow, 160 km from Prayagraj, and 200 km from Varanasi, this project, which overlooks the Sarayu River, provides Vastu-compliant plots amidst lavish amenities and facilities.

RERA certification

The Sarayu is RERA-registered. Its RERA registration number is UPRERAPRJ311468.


The Sarayu, is a space that resonates with spirituality, wellness, serenity and luxury, aims to harmoniously blend old-world charm with contemporary characteristics, truly giving the users a feel of ‘spiritual luxury’. Designed for affluent investors, “every corner in the project has a hint of luxury”.

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Some features of the project include:

  • Swing plaza
  • Peace pavilion
  • Focal tree with seating area
  • Water feature
  • Welcoming garden
  • Approach road with paving pattern
  • Central median
  • Green island

Project design and layout

The overall theme of the development is inspired from ancient temple and palace architecture with a contemporary touch. The integrated township project is divided into 3 parts: Ananta, Jal Tarang and Atulya.


Spanning an impressive 12,000 square feet, this section of the Sarayu boasts water features that contribute to its natural, auditory, and visual charm, enhancing the overall luxury of the area. Here, you'll find an opulent 40-foot swimming pool and a grand 4,000-square-foot restaurant. A mandap, a wedding lawn, and a water feature are meticulously aligned at the same levels, creating an immersive experience that seamlessly integrates with the surroundings.

The Sarayu

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Amenities at Ananta

Club house (indoors)
  • Reception
  • Lounge café
  • Banquet hall
  • Wellness centre
  • Guest rooms
  • Gym
Club house (outdoors)
  • Swimming pool
  • Central mandap
  • Viewing deck pavilion
  • Lawn sit-outs

Jal Tarang

The Sarayu

Jal Tarang lies at the core of the development, seamlessly blending aquatic features, the embrace of nature, and an all-encompassing well-being for the mind, body, and soul. It serves as a purposeful area crafted for self-expression through art and performances, fostering deeper human connections through meaningful interactions. The magnificent Skydeck offers a panoramic view of the Sarayu River, allowing individuals to connect with the tranquility of the water and its peaceful surroundings.

Facilities at Jal Tarang

  • Amphitheatre area
  • Sky deck pavilion
  • Floating cabana desk
  • Central focal stage
  • Amphitheatre
  • Meditation lawn
  • Floating meditation desk
  • Lotus pond
  • Water feature stairway
  • Naturopathy lawn


The Sarayu

Atulya fosters a strong sense of community engagement with an exhibition area for art, culture, and the coming together of people. A community building and engagement space to share thoughts, experiences, and perspectives that lead to building soulful connections.

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Facilities at Atulya

  • Mandapa pavilion
  • Community garden and farming
  • Community kitchen
  • Central lawn
  • Resting pavilion
  • Exhibition pavilion
  • Community dining deck
  • Herb and vegetable garden
  • Fruit orchard


Plots at the project start at Rs 1.8 crore. Interested buyers can book a plot at the project by paying a booking amount of Rs 2 lakh, according to a company document.

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