All about Sudarshan Setu Dwarka, India’s largest cable-stayed bridge


India has recently unveiled its largest cable-stayed bridge, named Sudarshan Setu, located in Dwarka. Previously referred to as the Okha–Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge, the foundation stone for this bridge connecting Okha and Beyt Dwarka was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 7, 2017. The construction of the bridge was authorized by Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari in 2016. Here is a comprehensive overview of the newly inaugurated bridge.

Sudarshan Setu inauguration

Sudarshan Setu Dwarka

On February 25, 2025, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened the Sudarshan Setu, linking the Okha mainland with Beyt Dwarka island in the Gulf of Kutch. "I am pleased to inaugurate Sudarshan Setu today – a bridge that fosters connectivity between lands and people. It stands as a vibrant symbol of our dedication to development and advancement, PM Modi shared on the micro-blogging platform X following the inauguration.

Sudarshan Setu Dwarka

Sudarshan Setu: Key facts

Name Sudarshan Setu/ Okha–Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge
Location Okha and Beyt Dwarka, Gujarat, India
Type Cable stayed
Length 2.32 km (2,452 metre)
Lanes 4
Project cost Rs 980
Year of project approval 2016
Date of foundation laying October 7, 2017
Date of inauguration February 25, 2024
Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Construction time 6 years
Carries Motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles
Cable stay span 900 metre
Approach span 1,420 metre (26x50m + 12x10m)
Retaining walls 3,483 metre
Developed by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
Builder SP Singla Constructions

Sudarshan Setu is India’s largest cable-stayed bridge

Sudarshan Setu Dwarka

Stretching approximately 2.32 km in length, the Sudarshan Setu stands as India's lengthiest cable-stayed bridge. For those unfamiliar, cable-stayed bridges represent a subset of suspended structures. These bridges feature a central tower supporting a deck via cables extending from the tower to the deck. This architectural configuration enables longer spans while minimizing the required materials in comparison to conventional suspension bridges. The bridge, with four lanes, also includes 2.50-meter-wide walkways on both sides.

Construction cost

The Sudarshan Setu has been built at a cost of around Rs 980 crore.

Sudarshan Setu design and fetaures

The Sudarshan Setu showcases a distinctive design, with a pedestrian walkway adorned with verses from the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and depictions of Lord Krishna on either side. Additionally, solar panels are positioned on the upper sections of the walkway, generating one megawatt of electricity. These solar panels will supply power for illuminating the bridge during nighttime hours.

Sudarshan Setu Dwarka

Sudarshan Setu: Impact on connectivity

The recently inaugurated bridge will enhance transportation and significantly reduce travel time for devotees journeying between Dwarka and Beyt-Dwarka. Prior to the bridge's construction, pilgrims had to depend on boat transport to reach Beyt Dwarka. This landmark bridge will also emerge as a prominent tourist attraction in Devbhumi Dwarka.

Associated with Lord Krishna and his lore, Dwarka city in Gujarat is believed to be submerged underwater.

The new bridge will supplant boats as the primary mode of transportation for the 2 million individuals who visit Beyt Dwarka annually, along with benefiting 8,500 local residents. Tourists who previously spent 5 hours sailing to Beyt Dwarka via boats can now directly access the bridge, reducing their travel time by 3 hours.

Moreover, the bridge will offer an economical and sustainable option for those unable to afford boat cruises. It will facilitate the transportation of local residents, who often face numerous challenges when traveling at night.

Sudarshan Setu photos

Sudarshan Setu Dwarka

Sudarshan Setu Dwarka

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. The Sudarshan Setu is located in Dwarka city of Gujarat. It connects Okha with Beyt Dwarka.

Ans 2. Yes, Sudarshan Setu is the new name for the Signature Bridge in Gujarat. The bridge should not be confused with the Signature Bridge in Delhi.

Ans 3. The 2.32-km long cable-stayed bridge connects the Beyt Dwarka island to mainland Okha in Gujarat's Devbhumi Dwarka district.

Ans 4. The length of the Sudarshan Setu is 2,452 metre.

Ans 5. The builder of the Sudarshan Setu is SP Singla Constructions.