After waiting 30 years, the Prayagraj Development Authority has started the process of granting land to supporters.


PRAYAGRAJ: As part of your unique 'Mission Sangam' scheme to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams of people running from pole to pole to seize land that has been assigned to them for over three decades, the Prayagraj Development Authority ( PDA) has finally shortlisted 415 people who will benefit from the initiative. With the creation of the new PDA vice president, Arvind Chauhan, officials said, the process of bringing the scheme to its logical conclusion has begun at the PDA. Earlier this month, the PDA devised this unique scheme, "Mission Sangam," after which the authorities identified 415 people to whom the PDA assigned the land, but did not obtain it for various reasons. pragraj development authoirty These people will be given a new plot of land. The PDA, in its campaign against land gangs in the past over a period of one year, has released around 600 parcels of land that will be useful when assigned to those who have not received the tenure of the land assigned to them in approximately 30 years. Now the list of these people has been uploaded to the PDA website and can be viewed through personalization. "Now that we have uploaded the list of 415 people, the people involved can give their consent for the land that the PDA will offer or refund their money with interest if they choose," said VDA V-C. The official also informed that to address the complaint, if any, from the allies, an 'integrated command center' (CPI) has been established on the eighth floor of the PDA building, Indira Bhawan, on the civil lines. Also, if someone has any objection to the uploaded list or wants to report an error to the PDA, the same can be done by sending an email to the PDA. The PDA also clarified that the new parcel of land to be awarded for the award could be smaller or larger than the land that was previously awarded. The owner will be responsible for the expenses caused by the cancellation of the previous registration of the land and the registration of the new plot in his name. With a commitment to total transparency, the plot change process is carried out by lottery on the indicated date that will be notified by publication on the authority's website and in the newspaper. He added that after the change, the final list will be displayed on the authority's website and pasted on the information board to inform people about it, and the change letter will be sent by certified mail. Also Read - Gurugram: Illegal road, construction waste dumping on Aravali Land near DLF -3