5 Eco-friendly ways to keep your place cool in the hot summer


5 Eco-friendly ways to keep your place cool in the hot summer

Summer has come and we can't escape the summer heat, it's just the beginning. We have more months left. So the only thing left is to use Eco-friendly ways to beat the summer heat. You might think that air conditioners and chillers are the permanent and reliable solutions for this. But let me tell you, if you get used to the idea of ​​having the air conditioner running all day, you should be ready to pay a big chunk of your electric bill at the end of the month. Why pay a lot when you can beat the summer heat naturally and stay cool in the most convenient way? Instead, the operation of air conditioners and refrigerants is contributing to an increase in the amount of fossil fuels that is making the world warmer. In this article we will let you know few Eco-friendly ways to keep your home cool. If there are some affordable, viable and energy efficient solutions available to keep your home cool without increasing your carbon footprint, why not use them? I am not saying that you will stop using air conditioners altogether, but rather that you will gradually reduce them and use the following methods exactly where you are. In fact, many interior designers in India also suggest following these methods to decorate your home in an exclusive and distinctive way.

Eco-friendly ways to cool your house in summer:

1. White Coloured Walls

White Coloured Walls - Eco Friendly Place Science says that white is effective at reflecting light and therefore creates a fun and lively environment. It is also capable of generating ventilation effects and reflecting the sun's thermal rays. Therefore, your first step should be to paint all the walls and ceilings white, especially during the summer, to create a fresh atmosphere inside the house. It is the basic eco-friendly way to follow to keep your place cool in summer season.

2. Green Window Boxes

Green Window Boxes Nowadays, the use of window boxes in the home is a new trend in India. There is also a new trend in the home decor department that is keeping green plants on window shelves. It helps in humidification and when the warm winds arrive, it helps to cool the environment. From interior decoration to display, it brings an eye-catching touch to windows. In addition, you can decoratively paint the exterior walls with clay. It can give your space a creative look, and clay is a good heat insulator, so it will keep your place cool and your house will be an Eco-friendly house.

3. Breathable Curtains

Breathable Curtains To combat the harsh rays of the sun, it is necessary to maintain interior ventilation, breezes and light. To keep the interior cool, you can use white or pastel curtains on the windows. You can also choose to use bamboo or jute shades to illuminate a cool temperature inside. However, it is recommended to abandon the use of synthetic materials and dark shades during the summer, as they are likely to increase the heat quotient.

4. Nature Indoors

Nature Indoors Interior designers in India suggest using shrubs, plants and vines in the house to bring nature indoors. They also act as active air conditioners and efficiently help cool down your place. It is scientifically proven that placing planters and vines next to balcony grills, stair railings, etc. you can keep shaded areas at least 20 degrees cooler than outside. You can also consider planting vertical gardens to keep the temperature down inside your place.

5. Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden It is true that people who stay on the top floor of a building experience extreme heat not only in summer but almost every time of the year. This is because the roof heats up early and contains heat for a long time, which gradually seeps down to the floor below. With simple science, fill the surface with pots and plants. The clay inside the pots absorbs heat and acts as a thermal insulator. This will bring a cooler temperature for the occupants above. This wy will help you to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle You will definitely get some cooling effects from using these ambient techniques, especially during summer days. Also Read - Tips To Remove Dampness or Seelan from Walls