15 Vastu Tips for Your Business Growth - Aquireacres

15 Vastu Tips for Your Business Growth - Aquireacres

Vastu Shastra is one of the oldest sciences in the Hindu system. Vastu describes certain guidelines for planning, designing, preparing the ground, and many other aspects necessary for a harmonious lifestyle. Although Vastu does not impose strict rules for design and construction, it does identify the best solutions and blueprints for the optimal prosperity and success of the building owner. There are some tips from Vastu that you can keep in mind for the growth and well-being of your business.

Here are 15 Vastu business tips to follow to get the best results:

Southwest is the Best

Southbest is the best The employer's room must be in an office building in the southwest direction of the building and must sit in his office facing north. There must necessarily be a solid wall behind the employer's desk and not a glass or window frame.

The Entrance of an Office

The Entrance of an Office  The north, northwest, and northeast directions are believed to bring a lot of positive energy. Therefore, it is always recommended that the main entrance to the office be in either of these directions. It should be noted that the free flow of energy through the main entrance to the office must not be obstructed under any circumstances.

The Reception of an Office

The Reception of an Office  The office reception is one of the busiest areas of the office, as visitors are welcome in the office. This must necessarily be a place to relax with a lot of positive energy. The office reception should be in a northeast or east direction. The seating arrangement should be comfortable and visitors should feel comfortable while visiting the office.

The Centre of an Office

The Centre of an Office  The central part of the office should be left open and not cluttered according to Vastu's advice for business success. This would help maximize the prosperity of that particular business. The hall or indoor garden, when built in the central part of the office building, will greatly improve profitability. This also provides the best space for office staff to take a break and have a cup of coffee between their busy schedules.

The Seating Arrangement of the Staff

The Seating Arrangement of the Staff  Employee workstations or desks must be ergonomically well designed. Also, the seating arrangement should be such that they face east or north to maximize your overall productivity.

Accounting Section

Accounting Section  Employees dealing with finances and money in the office should sit in a seat in the office located in the southeast part. They should sit facing east or north.

Increasing Revenue for the Business

Increasing Revenue for the Business  The northwestern part of the office is the best area to hire the marketing team, as this team is responsible for attracting more funds and increasing the overall revenue of the business involved. The Northwest direction is believed to affect the prosperity and financial strength of any business. This corner of the office is believed to be free from negative elements based on Vastu's tips for business success.

Smooth and Effective Business Meetings

Smooth and Effective Business Meetings 

It is best to reserve the northwest direction for your office meeting room. The conference or meeting room in the office should be constructed in such a way that this area facilitates fruitful discussions and meetings.

Reduce Conflicts and Risks in a Business

Reduce Conflicts and Risks in a Business  Business thrives when there is less risk and new orders keep flowing. Also, payment delays should be minimized as much as possible. The north direction of the office must be free of any elements such as fire. You should never choose to paint the walls red in the north part of your office. Also, it is forbidden to build a pantry or kitchen in this part of the office.

Have an Aquarium

Have an Aquarium  Ideally, place an aquarium towards the northeast part of the office space in accordance with Vastu's tips for business success. According to Vastu guidelines, an aquarium with one blackfish and nine goldfish should be placed on the northeast side/corner of the office for the required prosperity of the business.

Furniture with Rectangular Shapes

Furniture with Rectangular Shapes  According to Vastu Shastra, you should place rectangular or square furniture or workstations in the office. Irregular or L-shaped desks should be avoided to increase the positive energy in the workspace.

Uninterrupted Cash Flow

Uninterrupted Cash Flow  In the event that the office wishes to have a locker or safe where cash and important documents are kept, the best place for this is the southwest side of the office space. You must make sure that the door of the safe or closet opens in the north direction.

Pooja Area

Pooja Area  If the office wants to allocate space for the pooja, the best place to build the pooja room is the northeast corner of the office building.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment  All offices require a lot of electrical equipment for smooth and comfortable operation. The best direction to place heavy electrical equipment and minimize repairs and breakdowns is the southeast part of the office building.


Washrooms  Bathrooms and toilets are believed to be associated with negative or bad energy. It is preferable to build in the southwest or northeast directions of an office building. Following Vastu's proven advice for past businesses is sure to make a huge positive change in your business and witness success and prosperity in whatever business you are involved in. Also, Read - What Are Your Rights When a Tenant Will Not Move Out of Your Home?