10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World To Taste Luxury


How expensive do you think hotels can get? Maximum INR 30000 or INR 50000?

Can you digest the fact that one of the most expensive hotels in the world can be as expensive as INR 300,000 per night? 

No, right? Well, it may come as a surprise, but there are people willing to pay a hefty amount for a hotel room. A fun holiday with a hotel expensive enough to sell yourself to even be there takes luxury up a notch. 

Most people are of the opinion that they don’t need fancy hotels because they will only be going there to sleep for the night, so it’s better to spend more on the experience than on a stay. 

However, some people refuse to settle for anything less than luxury, so they go for expensive hotels only.

Here is a list of some of the world’s most expensive hotels:

1. The Lover’s Deep St. Lucia Submarine- An Underwater Submarine

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While you may be familiar with the underwater resort in Dubai, Lover's Deep takes opulence to a whole new level. It stands as one of the world's most expensive hotels and is situated on a Caribbean Island. As the name suggests, Lover's Deep promises an experience of a lifetime for couples. This remarkable submarine allows you to traverse the deep blue ocean, offering glimpses of the underwater world and passing by a sunken battleship near the Red Sea.

Inside Lover's Deep, you'll find soundproof rooms, a luxurious two-person shower, a personal chef to cater to your culinary desires, a capable captain to navigate your voyage, an attentive butler to fulfill your every wish, and a breakfast soaked in champagne for a lavish start to your day. This submarine hotel is equipped with every conceivable luxury, providing couples with a romantic and sensational experience that will create indelible memories. It's an unforgettable journey that redefines luxury and adventure.

The most expensive room rate:  2,92,000 USD (INR 2,43,16,154) per night.

Location:  St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands

2. Kokomo Private Island

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Kokomo, designed by Lang Walker, is a private island paradise nestled in Fiji, where luxury and comfort reach their zenith. This secluded island can graciously host up to 40 guests, providing an eco-conscious and sustainable haven for their stay.

Kokomo Private Island offers a wide array of accommodation options, including yachts, residences, and villas, ensuring that every guest enjoys the utmost opulence. Renowned as one of the world's most luxurious hotels, it boasts the most expensive hotel suites, catering to honeymooners, solo travelers, adventure enthusiasts, and anyone with deep pockets.

Guests are pampered with various amenities, including a kids' club, barbecue facilities, and convenient shuttle services. The villas are a haven for couples, providing private beaches and secluded pools with mesmerizing sea views. In addition, guests can relish the luxury of 24-hour butler and nanny services.

It's worth noting that the hotel's rates vary with the seasons, and during peak periods, you can expect a price increase. Kokomo redefines extravagance and offers an unforgettable escape for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury. 

Price Per Night: For 0.5 to 1-acre undeveloped private island, The price ranges from USD 500,000( INR 4,16,05,125) to USD 10 to USD 12 million for larger 60 to 70-acre islands.

Location: Fiji Island. 

3. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

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The Palms Casino Resort stands as one of the most opulent hotels in the world, pushing the boundaries of extravagance to new heights. 

Palms Casino Resort is renowned not only for its possession of the most expensive hotel suites but also for its reputation as a celebrity hotspot. This hotel is a favorite among celebrities, and it even served as the residence for the cast of Real World Las Vegas. The iconic pop star Britney Spears herself once chose this resort as the venue for her after-party. Such celebrity endorsements highlight the immense popularity of this hotel.

Guests at the Palms Casino Resort can luxuriate in salt relaxation rooms, avail themselves of 24-hour butler service, and indulge in the infinite jacuzzi. Designed by the acclaimed artist Hirst, this hotel is currently undergoing renovations, promising to elevate its already exceptional luxury to even greater heights.

Cost Per Night: 100,000 USD(INR 8321950)

Location: Las Vegas 

4. The Mark Hotel, New York

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New York City is synonymous with opulence, and it proudly hosts one of the most expensive hotels globally, expertly designed by Jacques Grange and brimming with world-class amenities. The Mark Hotel stands out with its sumptuous dining rooms, pedicabs, hair salons, and a range of high-end shops.

The Mark Hotel has been a distinguished establishment in New York since its inception in 1927 and has consistently maintained its status as the city's preeminent luxury hotel.

Step inside, and you'll be greeted by interiors that exude sheer luxury, leaving no doubt as to why it rightfully claims its place among the world's most opulent hotels.

Cost Per Night: USD 75000( INR 6239715)

Location: Manhattan, New York City

5. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

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Nestled on the picturesque lakeshore of Geneva, the Hotel President Wilson is renowned for offering some of the most breathtaking lake-view rooms in the world. Its capacious conference room is a favored choice for hosting major international conferences and meetings, and the hotel boasts a grand ballroom with the capacity to accommodate up to 800 guests at once.

Hotel President Wilson has attracted an array of famous personalities, including the likes of Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Richard Branson, and many others who have indulged in the lavish experience of staying in one of the world's most luxurious hotels.

At the apex of opulence, the Royal Penthouse suite commands a staggering price of 80,000 US dollars, positioning it among the most expensive hotel suites globally. The suite features a stunning all-glass window that frames spectacular views of the lake.

Within this lavish haven, guests can find a Steinway Grand Piano for musical enjoyment, a terrace equipped with a telescope for stargazing, a Billiards table for recreation, and a well-appointed gym to ensure that you don't miss out on your workout regimen.

Cost Per Night: USD 80000( INR 6655668)

Location: Geneva

6. Hilton Villa Fiji

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The Hilton Villa in Fiji is often described as a resort within a resort, offering captivating views, a unique atmosphere, and breathtaking vistas of the island. This extraordinary property is owned by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Australian billionaire.

The hotel boasts exquisite furnishings and features a private infinity pool, providing the utmost in privacy and luxury. Guests can enjoy the services of a dedicated nanny, round-the-clock butler service, personal chefs, housekeeping, and every comfort imaginable. It is truly one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. 

Cost Per Night: USD 61000( INR 50,75,459)

Location: Fiji

7. The Royal Suite Plaza

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The Royal Suite Plaza, with its stunning view overlooking Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain, is undeniably one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world. This historic hotel was constructed in 1907 by prominent architects Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, Thomas Hastings, and Joseph Finger, seamlessly blending modern amenities with a rich history.

The Royal Suite Plaza is appointed with a private library, a grand piano, a lavish walk-in closet, luxurious heated flooring, and opulent 24-karat gold-plated fixtures in the bathroom. It offers a level of luxury and sophistication that is truly exceptional.

The Oak Rooms within the hotel are a tempting indulgence, and for those who can afford it, every penny spent here is well worth the experience.

Cost Per Night: USD 30000( INR 24,96,778 )

Location: New York City

8. The Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab

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Dubai, a city synonymous with luxury and opulence, is home to the prestigious Burj Al Arab, often referred to as the only 7-star hotel in the world. The level of hospitality and extravagance offered here is beyond compare.

Designed by Tom Wright, the Burj Al Arab is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece, resembling a billowing sail with a helipad at its pinnacle. It stands as one of the most iconic structures in the world.

The hotel has also been a venue for performances by celebrities like Justin Bieber, making it a hotspot for popular celebrity sightings. As one of the world's tallest hotels, it soars to a towering height of 180 meters.

The Royal Suite, located on the 25th floor, is one of the most opulent accommodations in the world, featuring lavish 22-karat gold accents throughout the hotel, round-the-clock assistance, and top-tier amenities. 

Cost Per Night: USD 24000( INR 19,97,884 )

Location: Dubai

9. Soneva Jani, Maldives

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The Soneva Jani Hotel resort in the Maldives is a celestial sanctuary that transcends space and time, offering unparalleled luxury, modern amenities, and top-notch facilities, all set above the azure waters.

This exclusive resort has not only captured the hearts of discerning travelers but also attracted the attention of celebrities like Dakota Johnson, Chris Martin, and others. These stars have been spotted enjoying their time in the posh villas at the resort. 

One of the resort's standout features is its villas equipped with slides that whisk you directly into the crystal-clear waters, providing a unique and exhilarating experience.

Guests can relish exquisite dining options and indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments. The villa prices are typically influenced by the various add-ons and enhancements available.

Cost Per Night: USD 20,000 (INR 16,64,904 )

Location: Maldives

10. The Titanic Mardan, Turkey

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The Titanic Mardan, masterminded by Telman Ismailov, a prominent Azerbaijani businessman, stands as a splendid 5-star hotel renowned for its exceptional service and top-tier hospitality. 

This hotel's architectural design draws inspiration from the vibrant city of Istanbul, leaving guests in awe of its grandeur. The Titanic Mardan is also distinguished by its extensive lagoons that extend to meet pristine sandy beaches.

For gastronomy enthusiasts, the hotel offers a selection of eight restaurants, each catering to a diverse range of culinary preferences. Furthermore, the hotel boasts one of the largest outdoor pools, making it the ultimate choice for a luxurious and unforgettable stay.

Cost Per Night: USD 20000( INR 16,64,904 )

Location: Turkey


All these hotels and their prices are proof that people with huge bank accounts don’t believe in just existing and adjusting at places, instead, they are ready to pay hefty amounts to have the utmost comfort and luxury one can have

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans 1. Yes, these hotels are worth every penny, and the money justifies the luxury these hotels offer.

Ans 2. Yes, some of these hotels provide private pools, beaches, 24-karat gold fixtures in bathrooms, personal butlers, and what not.

Ans 3. Yes, these hotels are very expensive, so mostly celebrities and huge business tycoons stay here because a middle-class person cannot afford them.